TA Competency Areas outline the key spaces within which ACOs and CPs must continually maximize their capabilities in order to achieve improved health outcomes and member experience, and decreased total cost of care for MassHealth members. They are intended to inspire those immersed in the daily grind of building and running a MassHealth ACO or CP to look up and remember the ideal state they are striving to attain. To that end, TA Competency Areas are meant to be aspirational and to trigger conversations at the ACO or CP about not just what needs to be done, but what could ultimately be achieved. They also offer a structure for assessing the evolution of ACO and CP TA priorities over five years of hands-on experience and learning about what works and what doesn’t for MassHealth ACOs and CPs.

TA Domains categorize the expertise and services offered by TA Vendors. They are intended to make it easier to navigate the TA Catalog and find a TA Vendor that is well qualified to meet your TA needs. TA Domains were developed based on feedback from MassHealth ACOs and CPs regarding their TA priorities during the first year of operations. All TA Vendors were procured through a competitive process to ensure that they have demonstrated expertise and experience in the identified TA Domains.